Yogi Adityanath… The second line of BJP unveiled??

Ajay Singh Bisht !!! NO REACTION ….. Yogi Adityanath !!! Heads turn. The name has suddenly become a household phenomenon. A man who was dismissed as a firebrand hindutva protagonist and an instrument of religious polarization is suddenly made responsible for the socio-economic fate of 15% of this nations population which includes a healthy share of so-called minorities. Clad in a typical bhagwa, you could pass him for any other hindu sant who grace the length and breadth of Banaras and other  holy cities of India. But within the diminutive personality is a person who has weathered 5 elections from a nascent age of 26. From a commoner to a mahant (head priest) to a firebrand hindutva radical to a parliamentarian and now the chieftain of India’s largest state, he has been there and done that. His 5 elections to the Loksabha on the trot, are by no means worthy of being ignored.

Having said that, the fact that Yogi carries with him a colossal cross of controversies from the past, cannot be overlooked. The purification drive of 2005, love jihad tirade, the drive against unauthorized slaughterhouses and “gau hatya”, the list runs long and ominous to say the least. It will surely not be forgotten by the pseudo-secular, pseudo-liberals, intolerance & award-wapsi brigades. The smallest of incidents would be capitalized on by habitual critics to say “WE KNEW THIS WILL HAPPEN!”. It would take more than a herculean effort from Yogi to shed this infamy and aura of religious hatred. I am doubtful Yogi will be in any hurry to shed this halo. After all it is this image which has borne and continues to bear rich political dividends as well.

The anointment to UP’s highest office has seen widespread disapproval (almost shock) from all classes. And his get-up surely does not inspire approval in the mind of people who see the CM’s post as being better manned by a person with more conventional attire, regardless of character and background.

But as they say, “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY”. Undoubtedly this elevation would have come with its set of pre-conditions from the central leadership. And the message would have been to practice and profess “balanced and recalibrated” Hindu radicalism, an instinct which this man will surely find difficult to curb.

The appointment of 2 Dy. CM’s is unprecedented and can be analysed in multiple ways;

  1. To distribute power aimed at keeping a check on Yogi’s natural instincts of religious polarisation
  2. To balance the caste representation to thank voters from each segment
  3. To prepare grounds for eventual split of the state into at least 3 parts which will have a ready CM face

Everything said, this graduate in mathematics sure does understand and has mastered the religion and caste “equations” exceptionally well. His mastery over the pulse of UP voters has been arguably very instrumental in BJP’s yet unbelievable landslide victory in the recently concluded state polls. So, before people (read critics) and pseudo seculars start writing obituaries for Yogi Adityanath & indirectly BJP in UP, remember that no political pundit gave Narendra Modi even an outside chance before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Today that same nick-named “butcher of Gujarat” is being looked upon by the hapless countrymen and the world at large as the only messiah. BJP will be looking at Yogi to help the party in at least equaling, if not bettering its tally of 2014 in the state and the people of the state can surely expect for a fair share of ACCHE DIN (and controversies) in the run up to 2019.

-Sunil Agrawal


One thought on “Yogi Adityanath… The second line of BJP unveiled??

  1. Just few weeks back, Maharashtra CM – who is of similar age BTW – displayed great political (and electoral) acumen to post a splendid win in local elections.
    If you see, most of the CMs chosen by BJP are second rung – by age – leaders. All below 60, few below 50 too.
    So obviously BJP is preparing for post-Modi era – much unlike Congress and other dynastic parties.
    This is not a new phenomena. BJP did create Mahajan, Anant Kumar, Sushma, Prasad… as second rung when Bajpayee-Advani were at helm. This is routine process at BJP.
    Putting finger on Yogi shows the bias created by media.


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