F&O Check: Option buyers book out; IVs halve, premium falls

Riken Mehta 

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F&O players had geared themselves for volatility on the day of the election results and took heavy positions in the options market mostly on the long side. A trader or investor bullish on a particular index or stock would buy at the money or out of the money calls to cash in on upside in it.

Traders bought Nifty out of the money calls earlier this week especially 7200, 7500, 7700 and 8000 calls in anticipation of 5 to 10 percent rally today. The Implied Volatility or IV shot up to as high as 40 levels yesterday on huge positions in calls.

Nifty rallied to 7500, gain of 400 points on early trends predicting BJP win and the premiums in most of the calls doubled leading to profit booking in out of the money calls. The Nifty is now down 300 points from day’s high and IVS have fallen to sub 25 levels.


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