What led to massive fall in Indian rupee? Find out here

Riken Mehta 

The Indian rupee plunged to record lows on Monday, touching a level of 58.15 per dollar as the unwinding in currency carry trade is leading to the massive fall in the domestic currency.

Simply put, FIIs invested in Indian equities and debts earlier which were offering better returns compared to US 10 year bonds. However, the trade-off is becoming unviable for FIIs as the yield on these bonds have shot up significantly in the past one month on fears of Quantitative Easing (QE) or massive bond buying program coming to an end.

Back home, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is asking banks to cut interest rates that would lead to lower yields on deposits, reducing the arbitrage opportunities for foreign funds. If this situation continues for some more time, then one can expect massive unwinding in currency carry trades.

Last week, RBI has also pointed out that it will intervene in the forex market only to curb the volatility. Reading between the lines, the analysts believe that RBI will not try to suppress the rupee depreciation. In such a case, one cannot rule out the levels of 60/USD in the near future.

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